The most recent of these works are extrapolations from an anonymously taken school photograph. This found photo, printed from its original negative, is broken down into pixels (a reminder that the word is a contraction of ‘picture elements’) which are matched to paint samples from a hardware store. The samples are scanned and montaged back into a photographic image. 
There is uncertainty about whether what we're looking at is or isn't a photograph, but the collage 'Self-Portrait At Age 5 in 15 Paint Samples' is only explicable as a photographic referent, even though what we see is simply an arrangement of found objects.
Self-Portrait at Age Five in 15 Paint Samples (2016) collage
Self-Portrait at Age Five in 15 Paint Samples (2016) digital photomontage
Self-Portrait at Age Five in 35 Paint Samples (2016) digital photomontage
Portrait of Sweeney (2014)  digital photomontage

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